14 May, 2015

Papers and book

Archaeological starch
  • Armas, Y. C. D., Buhay, W. M., Suarez, R. R., Bestel, S., Smith, D., Mowat, S. D.,  Roksandic, M. 2015. Starch analysis and isotopic evidence of consumption of cultigens among fisher-gatherers in Cuba: the archaeological site of Canímar Abajo, Matanzas. Journal of Archaeological Science 58: 121-32. 
  • Barton, H. & Torrence, R. 2015. Cooking up recipes for ancient starch: assessing current methodologies and looking to the future. Journal of Archaeological Science 56: 194-201.
  • Corteletti, R., Dickau, R., Deblasis, P. & Iriarte, J. 2015. Revisiting the economy and mobility of southe rn proto-Jê (Taquara-Itarare) groups in the southern Brazilian highlands: starch grain and phytoliths analyses from the Bonin site, Urubici, Brazil. Journal of Archaeological Science 58: 46-61. 
  • Coster, A. C. F. & Field, J. H. 2015. What starch grain is that? -A geometric morphometric approach to determining plant species origin. Journal of Archaeological Science 58: 9-25.
My studies are related to "Archaeobotany", "Archaeobotany of Agricultural Intensification", "Archaeobotany of Early Agriculture: Microbotanical Analysis", "Stone Tool Usewear and Residue Analysis". 

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