01 June, 2015

1st day in Leiden

The first day (27th, Wed) of my stay in Leiden, the Netherland. AWRANA2015 will start from the evening, and so I was going around the city in the morning and afternon.

Going along with canals in Leiden, I was able to my destinations, even though I was a stranger in Leiden.

Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde

Indeed all of exhibition topics were interesting, but I was very interested in display cases and methods to show materials, and digital contents, and so on at this museum.

Stedelijk Molenmuseum De Valk

Climbing up the top of De Valk, we can see the view of Leiden from here.


De Put and Rembrandts geboortehuis- Weddesteeg


Hortus botanicus Leiden

Canal crusing

The reception of AWRANA2015 started at 18:30.
We went to see the laboratories of Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden University. I didn't bring my own camera when I joined in this visiting, but it contains many good
sensitive equipments.

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