04 August, 2015

INQUA 2015

From July 31 (Fri) to August 2 (Sun), I joined in the XIX INQUA Congress 2015 held at the Nagoya Congress Center. This congress started on July 26 (Sun), but I attended at the latter half of this because my presentation was conducted on August 1 (Sat). I joined in the international workshop on July 30 (Thu), and then I went to Nagoya in the evening of 30th.

At the congress in Bern, Switzerland, Japanese attendees were approximately 80 researchers. There were more than 1800 attendees including more than 400 Japanese researchers at this Nagoya congress, and more than 2,000 presentations were conducted. So it seemed to be a very huge congress.

I presented a poster "What did Jomon people consume for starchy food? Case studies from the Jomon wetland sites in Japan" at the INQUA session " Wetland arcaheology and environmental change" organised by Dr. Dale Croes and others. Dr. Akira Matsui, who
who was passing on last June, invited me to this session for reporting my results.

Indeed, Dr. Matsui could not see my poster no longer, but I presented my poster recalling that he had always provided me lots of suggestions since I started archaeological starch studies. As the result, I got many useful questions and opinions from many people including my research fellows in and outside Japan.

At the oral session on August 2 (Sun), very interesting research results about wetland sites were presented, and our discussions were very active.

From the end of June to the ealy July in 2016, a congress of Wetland Archaeology will be conducted in University of Bradford, UK. 17th Conference of the International Workgroup for Palaeoethnobotany will be conducted at the same week in which I'm planning to join. That's why I'm not sure about attending the congress. When I have a good chance, I would like to join in this congress for seeing my former supervisors.

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