03 August, 2015

International workshop

On July 30 (Thu), I joined in the international workshop conducted at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature.

I was invited by Dr. Junko Habu, who is a project leader. The topics of this workshop mainly contained research results about subsistence, ecology, and environmental changes from the scope of archaeological sites in the coastal areas of North Atlantic Ocean. All of reports were interesting for me, and our discussions were very active.

From the afternoon, we conducted an informal discussion. I'm not a member of Dr. Habu's project, but I attended it. We discussed about subsistence activities and environment in the Jomon period as well as world archaeological sites during the same period and phases. Various discussions were done.

At this workshop, I had a reunion with Dr. Dale Croes, who I accompanied on a visit to the Jomon sites in Kanazawa city 6 years ago. He camed here in the middle of the XIX INQUA2015 held from July 26. I told him that I got my Ph.D. 5 years ago, and we updated our news.

At INQUA's session "Wetland arcaheology and environmental change" which Dale and other researchers organised, I presented my poster. I will write about INQUA later.

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