25 August, 2015

Kanazawa Meeting

On August 21 (Fri), a meeting for our new research project was held in Kanazawa city.

Our new project is Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Rice Farming and Chinese Civilization: Renovation of Integrated Studies of Rice-based Civilizations" (Project leader: Shin'ichi Nakamura), and it contains 5 research groups. I'm joining in a group "High Precision Radiocarbon Dating and Evaluation of the Effects of Rice Farming Culture on Human Health" (Programme leader: Minoru Yoneda) as a project member. 

In this meeting, we mainly got acquainted and discussed about our overall plan. From mid-September to late September, we will conduct our 1st suvery in the Tianluoshan and Liangzhu sites, China.

Indeed, Japanese ancient starch researchers, Dr. Nobuhiko Kamijo (Hirosaki University), Dr. Yastami Nishida (Niigata Prefectural Museum of History) and I join in this project. We are belonging to different research groups and analysing different materials. In Japan, it is the first opportunity that this global research project uses starch residue analysis. So I'm very looking forward to getting future results.

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