25 August, 2015

Survey in Date city, 2015

On August 22nd (Sat)-24th (Mon), I joined in a survey of the Wakkaoi Shell Moud in Date city, Hokkaido.

This is our 2nd excavation of this site (our first survey is here) conducted by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) "Initial Research Project about Jomon cultures around the coast of Funkawan (Volcano Bay) in Hokkaido" in Date city.

August 22
Observing the excavation and discussion

Our last excavation was conducted at Area A, and this year, we are digging it deeper than the last ones. The pillar holes of a pit dwelling are uneathed.

We are also excavating another area of this site, Area E. It is a test-pit survey, and we can see the similar shell layers as well.

After this observation, we discussed about our research plans, including radiocarbon dating. 

August 23
Visiting some sites and seeing a survey for oxygen-isotope analysis of sea water

We visited a site in Muroran city. It is an initial survey of the Jomon burials. The conducters in Muroran city will continue this survey next year as well.

Before visiting this site, I observed that Dr. Tsuzumi Miyaji, a curator of the Tomakomai City Museum, took sea water samples for her oxygen-isotope analysis. Her main study contains sclerochronological and shell oxygen isotope analysis. In this Funkawan Jomon project, she is mainly approaching shell sclerochronological records of life history and environmental condition excavated from the Wakkaoi Shell Mound.

August 24
Observing the excavation

In the morning, we observed the excavation of the Wakkaoi Shell Mound again, and then I came back here.

From the Wakkaoi Shell Mound, there are very few archaeological materials such as pottery and stone artefacts, unlike other sites such as the Kitakogane Shell Mound. So our starch studies need to focus on other sites.

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