28 September, 2015

Surveys in China 1: Tian luo shan site (18/09/2015-19/09/2015)

From September 17th to 25th, I joined in archaeological surveys in China. This is a part of our new JSPS research project "Rice Farming and Chinese Civilization: Renovation of Integrated Studies of Rice-based Civilizations" (URL: English version is under construction).

In this survey, I went to see some sites and take samples of dental calculus from human and animal bones mainly.

Tian luo shan (田螺山) site
*There are many papers about this site, but its official excavation report is unpublished yet.


I took some samples from human teeth remains, but dental calculus were poor-preserved (possibly these bones were young people's). So I'm not confident that I can extract starch granules from my samples.

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