13 October, 2015

69th Meeting of the Anthropological Society of Nippon

During this weekends, I attended at the 69th Meeting of the Anthropological Society of Nippon (URL: just only in Japanese). I just became a member from last July, but for our Kakken project (URL: under construction) meeting, I joined in it.

Unlike archaeological congresses, all of presentations focused on the current studies about human and animal bone remains. The following is just my own impression. When these researches were cooperated with analysing data about other organic remains, artefacts such as stone tools, pottery, wooden materials, sites, these environments, the results would be more interesting.

"There are no borders on our earth"

Museum of Maritime Science (URL: only Japanese)
1st Antarctic observation ship "Soya"

Mobile Suit Gundam (URL: only Japanese)

These facilities are located near the meeting place. This was my first visit in Odaiba, and so my research fellows and I went to see them during lunch time and on our way home together with .

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