27 January, 2016

Eighth World Archaeological Congress, Kyoto: Call for papers is just started

Call for papers and registrations for the Eighth World Archaeological Congress, Kyoto are just started now. Both of deadlines will be on this coming April 30.

Call for papers

Our sessions are as the following. We welcome any your proposals.
T10-P Multi-proxy evidence for reconstructing ancient diets and foodways
Ayako Shibutani (National Museum of Japanese History / Japan) and Oliver Craig (University of York / UK)

T10-S Food, cuisine and diet: integrating method and theory
Ayako Shibutani (National Museum of Japanese History / Japan), Oliver Craig (University of York / UK) and Shinya Shoda (University of York / UK)

*T10-S is a cooperative symposium containing "a leading paper and several presentations" together with other related sessions.

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