16 January, 2016

Survey of museum collection systems: Kyushu

From January 13th (Wed) to 15th (Fri), as our museum work, we visited the following institutes.

14th (Thu) The Center for Regional Culture and History  (URL: Japanese only)

Like the Edo-Tokyo Museum, we aimed to survey collection systems of historical museums in Japan. We observed these exhibitions before and after our surveys, and visited the Yoshinogari Historical Park, the Saga Prefectural Museum and the Saga Prefectural Art MuseumSaga Castle History MuseumDazaifu Tenmangu and others during this business trip.

Yoshinogari Historical Park
I hear a variety of pros and cons on this park, but it manages to reconstruct various architectural structures and vegetation. So I really enjoyed walking this park.

Saga Prefectural Museum and Saga Prefectural Art Museum
The exhibition of the museum is very classic. Although I have no interests in modern arts, but I was very interested in the special exhibition, Art Brut of the art museum.

The Center for Regional Culture and History
Saga Castle History Museum

Kyushu National Museum
By courtesy of a research staff, we was able to see the special exhibition "Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul" (URL: Japanese only) and permanent exhibitions, and he provided us the guidebook of the special exhibition.

"A nation stays alive when its culture stays alive." I was very impressed with this text.

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