21 March, 2016

Integrated Studies of Rice-based Civilizations

On March 19 (Sat), we had the 2nd meeting of Integrated Studies of Rice-based Civilizations (URL: only in Japanese), and the kickoff symposium (URL: only in Japanese) was held on 20th (Sun).

March 19 (Sat) the 2nd Meeting
Project members from A01 to A05 groups presented their own research aims and survey results in 2015. I reported my results of starch residue analysis of human dental calculus excavated from the Tianluoshan and Guafulin sites, and showed my research perspectives as well.

March 20 (Sun) Kickoff Symposium

In the morning session, project leaders from A01 to A05 groups presented research aims and results, and in the afternoon session, Chinese cooperative researchers reported the current research results.

There were many people including presenters, project members, and attendees in the lecture hall.

Our project aims to be a new research "Beyond archaeological boundaries" (by Project leader Dr. Shin'ichi Nakamura) conducted by both of Japanese and Chinese researchers. What kind of results can I gain from starch residue analysis? Focusing on various assignments, I'm conducting my approaches.

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