27 June, 2016

"Ethnography of Archaeology" meeting

On June 25th (Sat) and 26th (Sun), I attended to present a meeting of our cooperative research "Ethnography of Archaeology" (URL: just only in Japanese). This meeting was conducted as the theme "Understanding the Science of Archaeology", and the following 2 guest speakers and 3 presenters talked about their researches.

[Guest speakers]
・ FUJIO Shin’ichiro (National Museum of Japanese History, Japanese Archaeology)
・ GOTO Makoto (National Museum of Japanese History, Digital Humanities, Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources)

[Presentations by project members]

[Short abstract] 
Scientific concepts and methods are essential to modern archaeology. But the rapidly increasing sophistication of techniques challenge researchers to make the best use of potential opportunities. For the next meeting, we have two guest speakers, Dr. Shin’ichiro Fujio and Makoto Goto. Dr. Fujio’s talk is mainly focusing on how archaeologists use scientific analysis from various disciplines to the display. Dr. Goto’s talk is showing what disciplines digital humanities manage to construct, as well as introducing his current project. Also, some of project members, who conduct archaeological sciences and their displays, will present their own researches. In this meeting, we would discuss about different data-making sciences utilised in archaeological projects and the misunderstandings that arise from these sciences different ways of codifying and classifying the world. 

Attendees were fewer than other last meetings, but we had various discussion. Our next meeting will be held in the autumn.

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