16 June, 2016

SEAA7: 5th day in Boston (June 11)

5th day: June 11 (Sat)
In the morning, I attended at the plant domestication session.

It was very interesting for me, but I found a big problem about contamination control in a starch paper by Chinese researchers. Why did they distinct contaminated or processed materials on ground stones? I asked the presenter and co-authors, but they didn't show any good answers to me.

In the afternoon, we had our own session "Food and Society in Prehistoric East Asia: New frontier of transdisciplinary approaches towards ancient culinary culture".

I presented my recent result in our JSPS cooperative project "Rice Cultivation and Chinese Civilization".

SHIBUTANI Ayako, SUN Guoping, CHEN Jie, SONG Jian. "Eating Rice or Acorns? Starch Evidence of Neolithic Human Dental Calculus in the Lower Yangtze Region, China".

My good results were helpful advices of my starch fellows. Thank you, guys.

In the evening, we had a reception. It was conducted in the very luxury room.

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