01 August, 2016

Future research perspectives

On July 30 (Sat), I presented my recent results at the 273 Meeting of the Oumi Kaidzuka Kenkyukai (URL: just only in Japanese) in the Excavated Cultural Properties Center of Shiga Prefecture.

The keyword of this meeting was "integrated analysis of research materials". I showed how I can apply my research activities to our project Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources (URL: just only in Japanese) in my presentation.

Presentation title
"Applying Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources from Starch Residue Studies" 

  • To database constructed in the scientific field, what kind of ideas and opinions do researchers in humanities have and want?
  • How do researchers collaborate with local communities? Can we use any concrete and effective examples as a references ?
  • As "the national research institute", which kind of activities do we focus in the Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources? 
  • Approaches from bottom up are more important rather than top-down ones.
As above, I was able to get many opinions and suggestions.

In terms of the perspectives as a member of the institution, comparative research activities by other starch specialists, and my own research activities, I need to apply "Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources" to my research activities. This is one of my research priorities.

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