26 March, 2017

End of FY2016

March 17th (Fri): Obinoppara site in Sagamihara city

The site was occupied in the Early to Late Jomon period, and in this year's survey, some grinding stone tools were excavated.

For checking contaminated problems, I went to take soil samples from this site. Next time, I will examine grinding stone tools.


March 18th (Sat): The international symposium of "Rice Farming and Chinese Civilization" (The University of Tokyo)


March 19th (Sun): Meeting of "Rice Farming and Chinese Civilization" (The University of Tokyo)

We conducted the meeting to discuss about our research results and perspectives.

March 20th (Mon): "Cultural Resources Connect Universities to Museums II: Resource Information Infrastructure and Its Use" (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


As FY2016 project meeting, we conducted this meeting. There were nearly 50 attendees including our project members.

March 22nd (Tue) and 23th (Wed): Workshop "Sedentism, Subsistence and Societies in the Neolithic Anatolia: New Insights from Hasankeyf Hoyuk" (University of Tsukuba)

Researchers from Istanbul University, Istanbul Technical University,  University of Liverpool, and our project members presented their research results focusing on Neolithic Anatolia.

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