15 March, 2017

Report meeting in Date city, Hokkaido

From March 10th (Fri) to 12th (Sun), I went to discuss about our research project and a report meeting in Date city, Hokkaido. On March 10 (Fri), we discussed about our research results during this year (URL shows my survey), and the following meeting was held on March 11th (Sat).

"Natural Environment in the Little Ice Age and Lives of the Ainu from the Scope of Usu in Hokkaido I"
(Research Report Meeting for JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B))

Date & hours: March 11 (Sat) in 2017, 14:00-16:00
Venue: Date Rekishi-no-Mori Culture Center, Date city, Hokkaido

[First Remark] Yuji Soeda (Hokkaido Museum) 

[Report] 1 Tomoya Aono (Date City Institute of Funkawan Culture)
2 Ayako Shibutani (National Museum of Japanese History)
3 Naoki Kohno (National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo)

[Panel Discussion] Panelists: Aono, Shibutani, Kohno, Soeda; Moderator: Miyuki Shibata (Writer)

March 11th was the six year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and our main research topic is disasters of great volcano eruptions and tsunami. So our report meeting started after silent prays. 


More than 40 attendees contained local residents, Geopark members, and medias. In our panel discussion, many attendees gave me some questions about my research results. My presentation mainly showed starch and food, and these topics were very familiar with those attendees. So they seemed to be very interested in my results.

In the venue, a model of a crop field excavated from the Usu 4 site was exhibited, and speakers and attendees were able to see it. Some crop fields remains were found from the Kamuitapukopushita site, and we will plan to make this kind model as our project result.

The next report meeting will be held in the next year's March. We are continuing to conduct our research project.

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