07 December, 2017

32nd Meeting of Japanese Association of Historical Botany

On December 2nd (Sat) and 3rd (Sun), I joined in the 32nd Meeting of Japanese Association of Historical Botany (URL: just only in Japanese) for presenting a poster.

On 2nd (Sat), a symposium "Environment, Rice Cultivation, and Chinese Civilization: Approaches to Integrated Studies of Rice-based Civilizations" was conducted, and my cooperative research members talked about our current research results.

Unfortunately, this symposium had no panel discussion, and so the whole of symposium was a kind of public lectures. But we presented that our current research results enable to offer important impacts to other studies, I think.

On 3rd (Sun), oral and poster presentations were conducted, and I presented a poster to show our research results.

Ayako Shibutani, Bin Liu, Ningyuan Wang, Jie Chen, Jian Song, Kenji Okazaki, Yu Itahashi, Shin’ichi Nakamura. 2017. Plant food in the Neolithic Lower Yangtze Area, China from starch granules of human dental calculus: Focusing on the Liangzhu site group and Guangfulin site.

In the poster session, all presenters gave 2-minutes lightning talks, and after that they explained their posters in their core times. To our poster, many researchers suggested how and what we can interpret the results "no starth (poorly preserved)". 

Next year's meeting will be held at the Lake Biwa Museum, Japan.

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