13 January, 2018

AHA18 (132nd Annual Meeting of American Historical Association)

It is a little bit late for season greeting, but I would say a happy new year.

From January 4th (Thu) to 7th (Sun), as our museum task, I went to attend AHA18 (132nd Annual Meeting of American Historical Association) in Washington.

My colleagues presented the following on 5th.

Kiyonori Nagasaki, Naoki Kokaze, Makoto Goto. Markup for Ancient Japanese Transactions through Engi-Shiki. AHA Session 56 "Facilitating Global Historical Research on the Semantic Web: MEDEA (Modeling Semantically Enhanced Digital Edition of Accounts)".

I'm not familiar with studies on digital humanities, but this session was exciting.

Indeed, this meeting had no archaeological sessions, but some of sessions were helpful for my studies and our museum project.

The news said "Frozen America" during my stay in Washington, and I felt truly freezing days. But I went to see museums and sightseeing places.

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